AI: Winning Games vs Hearts and Minds

March 10, 2021 | Joe Roushar When Siri was introduced as part of the iPhone 4s in October, 2011, she won the hearts and minds of a generation. Her star-power made Artificial Intelligence (AI) part of everyday life, but now that we are getting to know Siri, Alexa and Google more intimately, their limitations can be […]

December 12, 2020: New patent for Advanced Data Catalog Capabilities

Data catalogs empower workers by rapidly finding, evaluating, and delivering needed information and insights. Our third patent protects our intellectual property for automatic data catalog building through AI-enabled e-discovery bots, and the unique ability to calculate both the current and potential value of information assets. IKE’s ability to uncover opportunities to get the information to […]

Architecture of Actionable Knowledge

Joe Roushar – November 2018 Getting the Knowledge Out How do you know — anything, much less actionable knowledge? Chemicals and electrical impulses splash around in the brain, and voila: we understand the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We have looked at how synapses connect neurons, and how taxonomical and other associations connect […]

Holistic Enterprise Information Management

Joe Roushar – May 2019 Competitive Advantage with EIM Is your organization ready for a future with significantly more advanced and competitive information management strategies? Are you ready for the inevitable turbulence that accompanies changes: even those that are mostly evolutionary, but some revolutionary? It’s time for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to grow up and […]